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AUDIX is a company that develops and manufactures the product using the solar power generation.
The use of natural energy including the sunlight has now attracted the attention from lot of people again, and the global environment problem and consideration are widening.

As a manufacturer, we are thinking that it is important to develop the product that can please the customer by feeling the convenience when the customer actually uses the product, while considering such environment problems.
We have lineup of product that is not only limited to simple toy for the hobby section, but also adopt the technology related to processing in abundance.

Our wish and policy related to manufacturing is that the situation for using the knowhow related to manufacturing should always be
within the customer's reach, including processing technology held by Audix.

We are aiming at the product making that can send some message to the Japanese manufacturers or
the customers as a manufacturing shop, and work hard in the future as well.



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Headquarters address

Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji City, Obuchi 2301-1, 417-0801, Japan

Contact numbers

Tel:0545-35-4888, Fax:0545-35-4877


President sTakeharuHatakeyama


15 million yen

Business details

Planning, development, manufacture, and sale of electrical products

・Solar power generation LED outdoor lighting

・Other electronic products that utilizessolar power generation

・Hobby that applies metalworking technique and product development of daily necessities
Development, manufacturing, and sales

「Schwyn haas」

・OEM of various electrical products

・Import and sale of various electrical products



Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji City, Obuchi 2301-1, 417-0801, Japan

Two minutes by car from Shin Fuji IC

Hobby brand supervised by Audix

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