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“Solar lighting system”

ML series (Multi type)





The solar panel generates the electricity, and the power is stored
and supplied to the illumination unit.
If the main unit is setup at the place,
where it can receive
the sunlight, then the illumination unit
can be placed even at the sunshade.

PL series (Parking light type)




Persistent on low electric power and
entire system is compactlydesigned.
Product with excellent cost
performance was achieved.

LED light installed in special pole of 5m height brightly shines over a wide range.
This model is widely used for street light,
parking lot light, and park light. It can also satisfactorily accomplish the function as the emergency illumination (Emergency light) during power failure.

GD series (Stand type)




Design and wiring work are significantly reduced
for a complete and independent power supply.
Finished with simple visual appearance
without distorting the scenery.

The GD series focusing on the R type and R2 type is a model
that can be readily used not only at places like the park but also in general households.
With the simple design, it can be installed without feeling discomfort,
and yet similar with other model,
it can glow brighter and longer that is not seen in the solar lighting until now.

Portable storage battery with
solar power generation

PT series 280/720




The storage battery can be charged from type
solar panel and domestic outlets (AC100V).
Charging by solar power generation is
enabled even during power failure.

This is storage battery type and hence it can be usedquietly
without the driving noise like the generator.Can also be used leisurely and
without destroying the atmosphere. Does not emit exhaust gases like the generator,
and hence friendly to the surrounding environment, and can be used indoor.

PT series 80 BOX type




It is “All in ONE” body, lightweight at 6.6 kg,
portable design, and
very useful in outdoors.
There is no hindrance
even to store at household.

It is provided with storage battery self-discharge
during storage, fixed with a long cable to store at a place where it is
usually installed to receive the sunlight, and the battery condition can be confirmed as well.

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