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Privacy policy

Audix values the customer information.

AUDIX Co., Ltd (Hereafter “Our company”) recognizes the importance of individual information (Name, Address, Date of birth, Telephone number and other individual information),
and tries hard for the appropriate handling and protection based on the following.
When our company homepage is used, it is assumed that the customer has agreed to this privacy policy.

Management and protection of individual information Our company preserves the latest and accurate individual information of the customer, and takes necessary measures for thorough employee education,maintenance of management system, and maintenance of security system etc., executes safety measures, and strictly manages the individual information to prevent unlawful access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage etc. of the individual information
Use of individual information The individual information received from the customer will be used to send E-mail and data as a report from our company, businessguide, and reply to the questions.
Disclosure and offer of individual
information to third party
Our company appropriately manages the individual information received from the customer, and does not disclose individual information to the third party, except when it corresponds to any of the following.
・When there is customer's agreement
・When disclosing to the party trusted by our business to do the service desired by the customer.
・When it is necessary to disclose based on law
Security measures of individual information Our company observes the Japanese law applicable for individual information and other standards, and appropriately reviews the content of this policy and tries for the improvement.
Inquiry of the person himself When the customer desires to inquire, correct or delete the individual information of the person himself, then it will be done after confirming the person in question.

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